Geothermal heating and cooling is literally a ground-breaking technology that has the capabilities of cutting your heating, cooling, and energy bills back greatly. Kenrich Mechanical specialized in closed-loop geothermal systems that rely on the consistent temperatures of the Earth to heat and cool the home. By stealing the temperature from the Earth, you eliminate the outdoor unit of traditional systems which cuts back on the energy bill and increases the efficiency of the heat pump.


ClimateMaster Geothermal

Key Features

  • iGate constantly monitors and controls operation for reliability and long life
  • Variable-speed blower motor helps reduce noise, increases comfort, and adapts a zoning systems
  • High-efficiency filter system provides superior indoor air quality
  • 2-Stage Compressor
  • Variable speed indoor fan


For more information regarding the equipment, installation, quotes, and benefits of a Geothermal heating and cooling system, please contact one of our Geothermal experts.